Biodegradable bags home compostable shopping bags, the australian certified environmental alternative to plastic products, made from sustainable natural cornstarch, gentle on the conscious and the earth.

Australian standard certified biodegradable & compostable alternative to plastic bags

The need for a truly ecologically sound alternative to plastic is here and now.

I created naturegirl™ out of concern for having no genuine choice in environmentally sound products.

I was feeling frustrated and guilty about using plastic products that could take up to 1000 years to break down, chocking our landfills and littering our already sensitive environment.
I didn't want to leave the problems behind for my children and generations to come.

naturegirl™ is an Australian owned company, dedicated to promoting a better environment, by supplying an affordable, completely biodegradable, compostable and organic alternative to plastic... Bioplastic made from plant material. The basic component is corn starch a natural and sustainable resource...

naturegirl™ bioplastics are certified to Australian standared (AS 4736-2006)
Our unique formula will break down in a compost environment in just the same way as a leaf.

naturegirl™ is dedicated to give consumers an affordable, environmentally sound choice in the marketplace.

If you are a retailer wanting to offer a greener alternative or you are a distributer with a list of eco clients, please contact us.